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Payment methods

This part of the store is to purchase the albums in a digital format. Only Paypal is accepted at the moment on the site, but if you can get one of the band to tell me that you’ve given them enough money I can manually give you a download credit. You can figure out how you’re gonna do that for yourself.

You don’t actually need a Paypal account to pay over Paypal. It’ll let you securely enter your credit card details and you won’t be charged a penny for the service. We will, a little bit, but we’re all grown up and can handle it.


Check the boxes next to the albums you want to buy and then choose between the Ogg Vorbis and MP3 formats.

When you hit submit you’ll be taken to a confirmation page before the data’s sent off to PayPal. There’s some more info about what you get for your dollars on the next page.

Both formats are of high quality.

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