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Misc questions

Can you please explain the BB code to me?
You can use BB Code, a wussy version of HTML, in your posts to create certain effects.

[b]Text here[/b]   (Bold Text)

[i]Text here[/i]   (Italicized Text)

[u]Text here[/u]   (Underlined Text)

[url]http://example.com[/url]   (Link)

[url=http://www.mp3.com/thelivid]Download great music![/url]   (Link)

[email] lividfan@example.com[/email]   (Email Link)

[email=lividfan@example.com]Email Me![/email]   (Email Link)

[quote]Text here[/quote]   (Quoted Text)

[code]Text here[/code]   (Text With Preserved Formatting)

[img]http://example.com/image.jpg[/img]   (Image)

[img=50x50]http://example.com/image.jpg[/img]   (Resized Image)

[flash=200x100]http://example.com/flash.swf[/flash]   (Flash Movie)

[colour=red]This colour is red[/colour] OR spell it American (color)   (Coloured Text)

[size=3]This font size is 3[/size]   (Sized Text)

[font=Tahoma]This font is Tahoma[/font]   (different font to default)

[align=centre]This is centred[/align]   (Aligned Text)

[*]List Item #1
[*]List Item #2
[*]List Item #2
[/list]   (List)

Can I become a moderator?
Most of the time the answer is no, but ask your Admin.

Can you please explain the user ranks to me?
Based on the number of posts you have, you are assigned to a rank. Each rank has its own status and its own amount of stars. Below are the user rank settings for this board:
New Member2
Recognised Member100
Senior Member250
Posting Machine500
Über Poster1000
Oh Dear2000

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