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Author: Subject: "It happened to me, as a child!"
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posted on 2005-4-26 at 00:16
"It happened to me, as a child!"

So let's here some crazy stories about something that happend to you as a child. Then can be as false as you want, or as true to the time and date.

However, the person who follows your post, must guess whether your story was true or false.

Hokay, I'll begin.

When I was a little Danish boy, I wandered away from my pre-school during snack time. This pre-school, was surrounded by a heavily wooded area, known as a forest. I was lost and it was winter. With snow on the ground and presumably in my mouth, I stayed out there for a good four hours. Then they sent one of those rescue teams out, with one of those sniffing dogs.

Turned out, I had wandered over a kilometre away from the school, while following a XC ski trail. Then they brought me back to my crying mother.

True or false?....After you guess, don't bother waiting for my response. Tell your own story, and the next time you post in this thread, just reveal the answer.

Begin. Hopefully we'll get some post counts rolling again, for the good of the board. Apparently, that dude in the red shirt and the security guards from the AOF concert found out where I live and I'm pretty worried.

Sorry for the massive post.

one last show.

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