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Turn to Black

Let me out
That's what they're talking about
They got so much to say with no face-to-face
One room without a doubt with all but ample space
Can someone give them an inch before they lose it?

You've asked me where I'm at
I want my life back
How's that for day-to-day?
New world under attack
No telling if we'll make it out or turn to black

Burning out
Right now that's all it's about
They've run out of ways to cope with their rage
Can't even talk it out
Just an angry gaze
Everything's under their skin
Now watch them lose it

One day this world will turn to black and I'll be left here singing

And I'll be singing
One day this world will turn to black

Back to You

When regrets have legs they run around in your head 'Cause they're getting chased by things you might have said Every time you've fled I know you can't help but think if you'd stayed All the things that could and might have been

You keep searching for the calculation of demise Stop second-guessing, 'cause you don't get to do this twice

It's too late to go back to the start Got to be the best part, go back to you There's no need to pinpoint the 'cause To beat yourself up, go back to you

When you can't let go of all the people you've been Then you're in a fight you know you'll never win Till the day you're gone you'll let yourself wonder how it would play If you'd done things in a different way

You keep searching for the things you saw with your own eyes Stop wallowing, 'cause you've already paid the price

Better Days

It took a long time
Until I was well enough to bring you here
But now it feels good to be alive and I hate it
When I think of all the times I've let you down
So I say to myself

Don't be afraid
When you hear someone say you can't change
Better days lie ahead
Don't be ashamed
When you learn a thing or two from making big mistakes
Better days

Here's to better days

Then it's the right time
And I know you'd had it up to here my dear
When you'd all but vanished from my life
And I made it almost impossible to have you here
So I remind myself

These ups and downs are all a part
Of becoming your best self
Sometimes they'll tear you apart
But I swear they'll make you better
When you feel doomed right from the start
Then it's time to ask for help
Sometimes they rip through your heart
So just tell yourself

Cheers to better days

What I Need

One day they'll plan a party for me
'Cause that's what I need
Today at least they like me for me
At least they like me for me

How many people does it take?
Till you're finally wide awake
Take good care, that's what you do
But who takes care of you?

Could it be something that happened early on
Shaped me into who I've been for so long?
But I can feel me breaking out
'Cause deep inside I scream and shout

How many pictures do we take?
Just to feel the boredom break
Make them stare, that's what you do
But who's the real you?

Could it be that we've been dreaming for so long
Losing sight of what we've done and now it's gone
I'd like to see it fading out
But deep inside I have my doubts

Time for cleaning house
That's the day you'll see what you're all about

Aside From This

A door swings open
Turns into a narrow road
Frame is frozen
A film that no one's ever shown
We keep coping
And get along like brothers do
A word is spoken
And everything is torn in two

Aside from this
I came here to save you
You blame me for all of this
I'm sorry that it changed you

Promise broken
Suddenly the same old show
Floodgates open
A friend becomes the same old foe
We keep fighting
Regardless of what others do
The rain keeps falling
And stuck outside is me and you

Head to head
Until we're dead
The light turns red
With every disagreement

Don't take what I said and turn it back on me
And don't take what I did and let it tear us apart
Don't fuck with my head, I'll turn it back on you
We'll never survive if we don't stick together

Aside from this
I came here to save you
You blame me for all of this
And I blame you

Wake Up

Where should I begin?
My heavy head is finally off the ground
I'm finally set in my skin
I make the loudest noise without a sound
And I'm ready to win
I didn't fall apart I didn't down
Without a doubt I'll always need her around
So please understand

You have to wait for your soulmate to come

This is a wake up
My only way out
Pick me apart until I'm skin and bone
This is a wake up
My only way out
Pick me apart until I can't let go

I'd go from year to year with nothing found
An endless cycle going round and round
Till you took my hand
And taught me to stand
On my two feet and made me who I am
You turned a boy into a real man
Now I understand

Don't let me trip
Don't let me fall apart
And fall back asleep again
I know that you'll take a stand
Just save me from who I am

Cigar Box Melody

I will walk in waves 'long side you
Until the sun shines through
Bury the world behind you
Means nothing new to you

Now it means nothing
After all you've been through
But I had to tell you something
And do my best to heal you
Now I'm afraid you didn't hear a thing
Now you're a little bit broken
I'd give back what I've stolen
I really wish I could
Now I'm afraid you didn't hear me
Now I'm afraid you didn't hear

Now it means something
After all we've been through
But I thought I'd never see you
Please say all you need to
'Cause now I'm afraid I'll always feel this way
Paranoid and frozen
In the nightmare I awoke in
You're sitting here with me
Still I'm afraid you didn't hear me
I'm afraid you didn't hear

This cigar box melody is one last thing that I must sing

Now I can say you're gonna hear me
I can say you're gonna hear
Now I can say you're gonna hear me
Loud and clear

But I still sing for you
I still sing for you
But I still sing for you
I sing this for you


Watch his mask uncover
Watch him tremble like he'll never be
To himself he's repeating
Head between his knees
"I'm tired of waiting on
A world that fails to see
A world that's bound to bury me"

There's a poor soul
Waiting a lifetime
Grown old, collapsing at the knees
And he's angry just like me
Though he knows he's right at the top
His heart's destroyed, hit bottom rock
You'll see, some things are never meant to be

Watch them fight each other
They're on a path that's built for speed
As the end draws closer
What will be achieved?
They hate each other now
Their patience wearing thin
'Cause they're so sick of giving in

This world's about to bury me
Eyes to the sky I'm on my knees
The end draws closer
My head still caving

Some things take more than a lifetime
Is this my time?

Tin Man

Well he's said
He's got a different motive
But I can see him caving in
Though he seems so supportive
Nothing but ice beneath his skin

She stays
Holds on tight; won't let go
He plays
But it hurts her and it shows
She'll come back crawling
When she's been forgotten
She won't mean anything

She's upset
He's just the same old story
She sees right through his every sin
Her plea: "please don't ignore me"
It's just a game she'll never win

He said it's all in
The way you do it
But it's all in
The things you do

She keeps waiting
Make-up running down her face
He's still saying
She won't mean anything
She keeps holding
On to every memory
Without knowing
She'll never mean anything

Just Like Me

There's no regrets in here
These days are shorter than I thought they'd ever feel
That fight is so unreal
You play, you push until you have to take a heel
That life is hard to steal
Like a spinning wheel
That same old fear
So you

Still give up
When you think you've had enough
You build it up
Then lose it all to see the love
You'll change your mark
Go right back to the start
Now just like me
You'll lose it all to see the love

This threat will steer
You in directions that will make you disappear
This road is so unclear
Can't help but notice when you look into the mirror
They'll find it hard to cheer
If they never hear
Completely clear
But you

This threat's come crawling back and growing stronger in me
Your eyes say you need me
And I'm the one to chase away the fears
And if I can't, will you pick me up and come back again?

You're just like me

One by One

He turned into a robot built for violence
Inside his chest
Is nothing but a hole that's dark with emptiness
He tries his best
Concealing all his anger and his loneliness
Deep regrets
He travels on an endless path of bitterness

One by one
They fall to the ground
And they scream without making a sound
Drop, sink, eventually drown
'Cause the lost only hope to be found
They'll waste away
'Cause they don't have a reason to stay
Small price to pay
For choosing to live day to day

It hurts much less
When everybody else's life is such a mess
But he'll confess
That being on the bottom is the real test
He tries to guess
While missing every chance to rise above the rest
He lays to rest
While giving up the only thing he wished he'd kept

He found what he didn't mean to: the anger inside
Will he rise up and walk away?
Will he find a place in his chest where emotions can rest so he feels alive again?
He grips the rail and he feels lonely
Can he be saved?
His eyes beg "please?"
Just so sick and tired of being
Just wants to live his life, not change the world

Under This

Wake me – I'm lost in this dream
Tell me, has this all been a nightmare?
Soaking in sweat much faster than I've ever been
I have been holding a grudge all along

Hold me, let me know
Save me from what I've become

I can say I've grown up
But I secretly keep falling apart
And I'm heartless no doubt
But your heartlessness is wearing me out
Now I've figured you out
No need to explain yourself one more time
You're just like me and it's tripping me out

Maybe it's wrong to believe
That it's just the way you've learned to cope
You've pulled me too close – this time you've got me by the throat
Let go

Tripping me out
Wearing me out

My Curse

Cover up what has become my curse
Building up to eternal at first
Everlasting hours of insurgent cower
Voices growing louder
Painting every white intention red

Was I ever meant to be clean
And emotionally sober

Once again I'll cover up
Feed you with this silver cup
Make it up
Over and over
And I'll wait it out
Till you see what I'm about
With or without
It's over, it's over again

Unlike some I remain in silence
I'm corrupt with internal violence
Now this heart's so worthless
Leaves me torn and mindless
While the fucked up signs
Always pointed me the other way

I was surely meant to be mean
Surely so

Has this become the story of my life?
Discarding what could have been so right
Has this become my never ending fight?
Discarding what could have been so right

Remembering Never

I lie
I wear this crooked smile
While still masking this heart so vile
Will the empty fill up soon?
Will I take this with me to my tomb?

There is not a thing more that I dread
Than my blood that has never turned red
Like I never meant a word I said
Now I'm lost in my sick, twisted head
Regretting regrets I'll regret again

I will run on as one
I will duck down for cover without a gun
I'll survive this attack
Or just beg for you to take me back

Now I have now conquered this faltering pain
But internal incisions remain
All my motives are cold as rain
Like the ice that still runs through my veins

As for every single tear that you shed
Well I guess you won't care when I'm dead
I remember the words I said
That don't matter cause nothing is left
I'll never regret it again

Sick Cycle

Now I'm on my last breath
Doesn't make it easier to start over
When there's nothing left here but regret
I'm still going through the motions in my head
Let's pretend you're dead

Everyone looks relieved
Does anyone feel like me?
Everyone gets deceived
Endless sick cycle

Everyone gets to breathe
Happiness make believe
It's like pulling teeth

Takes time to make go away
Push it back and let it decay
Hearts never seem to escape disarray
Lies are what scream in my head
Trying to pretend that you're dead
Words that were best left unsaid were still said

Now I'm on my first death
Doesn't make it easier to trust myself
Knowing everything I said was meant for you
Inconsistent with repent
Let's pretend you're dead

Everyone's disbelief
Everyone looks at me
Have I failed to see
Hindsight's killing me

Everyone gets to breathe
Happiness make believe
It's like pulling teeth

Test Run

Let's start with me
Write a list, pick out everything
Underline all my fine points
While still treating this like a disease

Can't you see this is part of me
It's everything that you want to be
So stay with me, stick through everything
And then you'll see it's all that you thought it would be

This is only a test run
Just look around: you'll see nothing has changed
This has not even begun
The way you're acting is simply insane

Let's start with you
Here's my list – wouldn't change a thing
Tried defining my fine points
To become what you want me to be

I can't believe you could look at me
And find a way to destroy my dream
It's hard to see when you're in front of me
So take a leave and watch this be all this can be

So please stay
Cause I know that you need me
And you'll follow me into the fame
So I hope you can trust me
And do your best not to put out the flame
Cause this isn't about me
It's about what I want us to gain
Cause you know you're the only
And I promise that will never change

I Could Fall

Tired of myself
Sheets over my eyes
Tired of this mess
Ideas come but

Nothing seems to stick with me
It's hard, you see
Building, pulling
All these strings are tied by me
Tied right to me
Can't believe that this is me
Everything is falling through
The way they do

If I failed to be like you
What would I become, what would I become?
If there's one thing I can do
Consider it done, consider it done

Ambition is thin

Tired of this fight
I'm losing my mind
Struggling to break through
And ideas come but

I could fall – pick myself up
Let it go – burning through my life
Fuck it up – turn the lights out
Let me be – let me feel so weak
But strong enough to rely on
You're there for me, I'll be there for you
To get you through while you fight on
To anchor me – do it all for me

Ambition is thin
Wish I had your blood under my skin
Ambition is thin


Don't leave me here, locked in this cold cell
It feeds my fear and it doesn't feel too well
It pulls me apart while it makes my pain swell
It beats down on me and throws me to the edge
Where I fell down and landed on the ground beside you

You've gotta roll over
Head off my shoulder
Gotta start over

Don't shed a tear; turn my life to hell
Don't let your anger stir or let your bitterness repel
It rips through my heart where my emotions still dwell
It beats down on me and throws me to the ledge
Where I stopped, cause I knew that I would never jump off with you

You didn't want to make it last
You thought it would never surpass
The only dream I wish I had
So you chose just to let me collapse
I'll pick it up and try again
While removing this blade from my back
I won't forget – I wish I could let it go


Walking away makes me feel much better
About my mistakes, it makes me feel so clever
Watching this break, what would it take
For you to look into my eyes

I'll wake you up when it's all over
Keep a straight face, pretend I'm sober
Pretend I'm fine – I'm out of my mind
I'll pick you up when you fall over
Being your crutch I'll be your motor
I'll push you forward

I'll stay here
Lost in this ocean
Without you I can't swim
And the water makes my head spin
And sink

Talking this way makes you look much better
Efforts so fake, you make me wait for ever
Saying what you say, the words you play
Contribute to your stream of lies


Taking time to figure out
To figure out what's running through your head
Everything you said, everything you did
What really got to me I'll never forget
What it is that broke me
And pulled me down and watched me bleed
Wasting time neglecting doubt
My stomach stops to hear my heart shout
To hear my thoughts out, to ease my pain
I'm sick of telling this old tale
To any ear that's open
I'd tell it all to you again
But I've already spoken

And I don't know how
You can say it's overrated
I'm so frustrated
And I can't stand how
You make me feel my life's been wasted
My faith is shaded

Waking up and handing out
Handing out a welcoming
To everything you were, to everything you prefer
What really hurt the most were the
Secrets that you kept beneath your skin
What they were, I never knew
Till the day they made me plead
Breaking all respect without
Explaining what you're really about
To let your thoughts out, to ease my pain
I'm sick of feeling that I've failed
The course that never opened
You're choosing to be crawling through
When you know you should be walking

When it hurts
When it rips my heart in two
When it hurts because

At the Seams

Your anger is subsiding
You're itching and you're bitching
While complaining about nothing
But everything and anything
You're calling me heartless
Regardless of the things I've said
You're making my stomach ache
To see you makes my body shake

You're wasting all this time to see me fade
Don't hold back now – keep criticizing every word I say

Breaking me apart, piece by piece
Don't hold back – now you're making me feel better
Rip through my heart, rip me at the seams
Don't hold back now

You're learning, still searching
You're working on putting off
The hurting concerning
Yourself and me and all I see
You're calling me selfish
Subdued by your own self defense
You're caving now you're faint and thin
Believing me is not a sin

Ripping me at the seams

Part of You

One more time it's slipping through your fingers
And no longer within your reach
You waste your time on anyone who listens to you
You cry on every shoulder
First in line to every disappointment
It's so sad it affects your speech
But don't decline it's simply part of growing
One day you'll learn to

Find a way to try and stick with this
Don't lose it – clench it with your fist
Bring it with you
You don't have to use it but please don't lose it

One more time you're sorting through your options
But your limits are all you see
So take your time – this isn't going anywhere
You'll see it grows with patience in you
Will let you get to sleep the night through
Don't let it make you toss and turn if
You have to let it go
One day you'll learn to

It's pushing you back
Don't ever give up your hope
Try not to react
Opinions are on their own
You cry on every shoulder
One day you will learn to

The Tide

Move on
Free me from this life that I've thrown away
I'm torn
In between what I want and what's best for me
I'm lost
In this dream that no longer exists for me
And I can leave

But this place
Will remain in my mind for ever till I
Break from these chains

Take away this feeling
Lost without a clue when I'm well aware
In circles
Running round in search of a better me
And I can leave

Nothing can keep this from burning out and fading away
And I can leave


Take a moment to look back where it started
When everything you take for granted
Is everything that keeps you stranded here
Take a moment to look back where it fell through
When it was not so scary
Just temporary

Now that's over
Now everything you ever wanted has been pushed aside

You're face down – broken glass
Waiting for this time to pass
Reckless and underclassed
Hoping this will never last

Feeling dormant, struggling inch by inch
Breaking open; watch me give in again
See the cut up hands of this broken man
Weighing me down, but

Weakened knees; I'm trembling
Pushed aside; I'm failing
Wipe this sweat from my brow
I'm still waiting here
Searching for this place

In Circles

Hanging by the same mistakes
Waiting for the cord to break
Trying to find a better way
Than living life from day to day
We get so tired
And emotionally out of shape
We get so drained
From sunny days spent in the rain

I watch you make like it's all worth it
When inside I know that you're still searching
You have to wait – wait for someone special
To relate cause that's the part you're still without

Open eyed and wide awake
How much difference does it make
Side by side or hand in hand
If you're never meant to take a stand
I hate to watch you stray
And slip away from better days
It hurts me deeply so
To watch your heart pretend to grow

I'm tired of helping you get through this
You're giving up – collapsing at the surface
You're caving inside out

The Day I Understood

So far I stand, looking closely again
It's loose but solid, so clean and tarnished
So lost again, a map in my hand
So full and empty, with so little but plenty

At times we get so lost and devastated
Our paths are vague but still so regulated
At times we feel so tired of trying to try
Wishing we could change all the things that make us

Cry, I won't try to wash these tears out from my
Eyes, I won't try, cause they're the kind that never
Dry, they collide with everything I've ever tried to hide
And keep inside

Above, I'm sitting, so loose but fitting
I'm starved by eating, so cured by bleeding
My gut is misled by all the pictures I've read
My memory's dead but you remain in my head

Now I'm sealed but leaking
So silently speaking. Now I understand
I've confused my reading
A door closed but open
Brand spanking new and broken
So belligerent and strident
But I haven't even spoken

Broke and Crossed

It's too late to call,
Said the blue knight who keeps watch beside my wall
You said the sadness became small
You've grown immune and told yourself you wouldn't fall
Convincing me seems to me
So important when it shouldn't be
When you deceive you only free
The part that keeps you as a part of me

But now I'm shocked and my pride's been mocked, and
You're pushing needles through my skin
In dreams I've walked in where the gun is cocked, and
I see the chamber takes a spin
Cause the pain is sinking in

And I'm rarely lost
But rather broke and crossed
Let me out, pull me in
Before my head caves in
My heart's been tossed
And now my pain's embossed
Pick me up, pull me down
Until I reach the ground

It's too hot inside
As I reach out to my left, turn on my fan and sigh
I try again to close my eyes
I'll be okay – I simply add to endless lies
Reminding me of what I've wasted
Hurts me more than being hated
Cause now my soul's become shaded
And now my heart is coiled and braided

I hope to heal in time
I hope to clear my mind
I'll wash you down with time
Till I heal and feel fine


Sure is tight in my throat; I haven't flipped the boat
Sometimes I cry so much it makes me wanna scream
Tied tightly to the tee
Slowly pushing at the seams
I should have had other dreams
But it's this that makes me so unique

The situations leading them to asking me
That what I need may never be a part of me

Can I take
Can't you see your apathy is killing me
And my dream

Growing sick has become so hard
I must say that I'm growing too old to see
Lost in my zone – no reflection to see or even call my own
I must say that I'm growing too old to see

Climbing up the slope; I can't reach the rope
Sometimes it feels like there's no-one on my team
Tied tightly to the tee
Slowly pushing at the seams
I should have had all the dreams
But there's nothing left inside of me

And I know it'll all be the same
I'll cry till it drives me insane
I will always be the same
Alone in my own hall of fame
I cry; can't get rid of this pain
It's more like my own hall of shame

Look into the mirror and see
My reflection's but a ghost of me
Slowly looking back at me
Asking me in two years where I'll be
Sadly lowering my eyes
I continue in disguise
Until this dream that's make believe
Makes me huddle up alone and cold and dry

Watch it Die

Once again, you say I'm mocking
Pardon me but I'm merely talking
Close my eyes and count the sheep
Lying here where I'm sure to weep
But there's something deep inside that
Makes me wanna think, am I really the weakest link?
There's something in your eyes that seems to let me know
You know a lot more than you wanna show

But deep inside I'm breaking down
I can't take it when you're not around
Makes me sick when you tell a lie
Causing shit as you watch it die

All is stolen, even my own folks are leaving
Not a sound – looks like there's no-one else around
Not a spoken reason, it's not myself I'm pleasing
Look around – seems happiness just can't be found

Here again I've trouble walking
Head down – the laughter is mocking
In this hole I feel the heat
In a place where I'll always weep
But there's something in the sky that
Makes me wanna drink to the point where I cannot think
Something in my mind that seems to let me know
There's only one place where I'm meant to go

I'm still crying in my bed at night
Why do I bother putting up a fight?
Should I crawl into a corner
And let myself explode?
Should I even try to make believe
I have dreams that I can still achieve?
Should I just sit tight and watch it die
Ascending to the sky?

Let myself explode

Clear Me

Can't clear my head
It's 7:56 in the AM
Self-pity is all I've read
Sitting feeling sorrow till I wish I'm dead
Never occurred to me
My problems were the only ones that I would see
So please forgive me
Cause what you've lost in life is worse than any of my dreams

At least I can say
The ones I love are still here to love me
I know I would break
If I had to be convinced they were above me
So far, I must say I've been fortunate and lucky
And I hope to God one day
You will feel the same
And I hope you know you're not the one to blame

Can't get out of bed
Emotions are the reasons I have bled
I look to you, my friend
And know that I should be thankful in the end
I didn't want to see
My sadness filtered everything so selfishly
But now I really see
That losing them would be losing a part of me

Now I've found something else
To make me feel fine
What I've found builds and heals
In very short time
We replace what's been lost
But never this kind
If you search hard enough
You'll gain a clear mind

Step Up

Maybe when you get back on the ground and your head stops floating
You will realize, take a look around and you'll see what's been forming
Maybe when you get back on the ground you'll see it before me
Turn it inside out and upside down you'll see what's been forming

Now, will you break down?
Will you break now, or will you step up to me and fight?
Now, will you shut down?
Will you break now, or will you turn your back on me and lie?

Hold the world upon my shoulder
Let it slide, let it slide
Hold your head up and start it over
Let it slide, let it slide

We're not covering up a crime
We're not saying that we're divine
We're not wasting any time
Why don't you just go back in time?

The skin beneath shines through
As you slowly deceive the ones around
Holding tightly
Only what you will keep to yourself
Hold it tightly, only what you will
Unwound completely, nothing left to steal
Step up slowly, only if you will
Keep to yourself
Let you know that you can...


I've been yearning for quite some time to make this mine
Ninety-five percent of times I've been right between the lines
Pessimistic ways may be so close to right
Something deep within me makes me wanna fight

To speak of this makes tears run down my eyes
I'm scared like you, cause I'm the only one who tries
I'm growing sick – tired of these endless nights
I look to them and say

I'm doing just fine in my room, feeling this wound
But this I'll take with me to my tomb
I don't understand what I do with these hands
They just sit there and stare and shatter my plans

I've been having no sleep, it seems like endless nights
If it happens one more time, in her I will confide
I'm about to crack without a sound – I think I'm breaking down
Feeling so alone, spending too much time on my own

Facing my own skin has been so hard to bear
To face what's deep within begins to make me scared
I'm doing just fine

Live to Imitate

Live to imitate and fake to break
The door that lies between both genres
Saying it's all the same...
Somebody better stop me before I delete you
Before the bullet accidentally meets you

You think you control all you see
Strangle hold around me
Prove you wrong, yes you'll see

Stretch and get down

I'll shoot you down, I will now
I'll shoot you down...

Counting down from seven – a shotgun heaven
Lyrically inclined and set out to blow your mind
I love the way you imitate
The way you hide your face
The way you think you have it all
But really it ain't the case

I see you from the inside
Through the mask you wear – all you wanna hide

All I see through what I learn
Live by what I earn
All I see through what I learn
The colors that we burn
All I see through what I learn
Coming round, freaking out
Till you finally get it all complete
Till all you speak is bullshit to the weak


I'm falling out of line – I take what's in my mind
I inflict it on my so-called peers and watch them cry
Wasting all my time in a place I'll never find
It seems so strange and so unfamiliar

It's like I'm driving while I'm running out of gas
Cause I'm too ignorant and dumb to make it last
You say I'm free, but there's nothing in me but I...

Can't explain, but it's what's left deep inside repeating
One chance, one life to reach this
Still in pain and you're the one who maims and feeds my bleeding
One chance, one life to reach this

Still a step behind – why must I be so kind
I worry about these stupid things that aren't mine
Building up a shrine of words that never rhyme or
Seem so vague and so poorly filtered

The Neural is Me

Try to find me, unconscious eyes within
Breaking the spell, pulling through again
All is lost, none is left, we're all animal
Commenting down, looking up again
Sky blue wall, pulling through within
None is lost, all is left
As you drop, you'll be coming to see who's staying now

Trusting without believing sounds strange
Lies live, never washed away
This illusion's killing me
Clear my head of all I see

Where I am, I'm lost in my own world
I've come prepared... am I really?
Head in hands, talk to me
Falling, feed me my remedy

Second stage, pull me down and win
No sleep now, out to defend the land
Change it out, the words you see
Will seem so frustrating
Let live all that's meant to be
Break the spell, curse the land and lead
Black and white oppose the light
Face the facts and see that's not happening

You used to graze the top
But as you drop you'll be saying now:

"He did it all for the silence... did it all for the daze...
Did it all for the silence...

"Something living, breathing, telling me things
Something livid, breathing, acting my thoughts
My mind is lost with no direction...
My mind is lost with no direction, I'm gone..."


Scared and hurt he looks around
No one moves or makes a sound
Wipes his tears away and runs so far to hide away
One fine day he sits there
On a hilltop in open air
Looking for something he can't find anywhere

From the outside he looks fine...
When you look deep down inside
You can see the anger flaming up inside his head

Scared and hurt he looked around
Looking up at us he frowned
Fought his tears away and ran so far to hide away
Slipped away he gets home late
Father's waiting for him at the gate
Takes a look at him, turns stone cold with no emotion

There he is, just waiting there
Nervously playing with his hair
They just want to help him cry it out
Speak aloud

Inside his head
Stone cold with no emotion

Falling Behind

Living in a hole; it's hard to get for what you asked
The hardest part of having a good day is making it last
It seems that everywhere I turn I'm still a step behind
I'm going nowhere slow and I think I'm losing my mind

Growing older every day is not a simple task
It's even harder when your happiness is your most worn mask
Striving harder to evolve and keep up with the rest
The apathetic push you down and make you second best

I look to you to get me up again
The hardest part is admitting that I need a second hand
If only I was meant to work with my ears and hands
What's coming down would be beneath me

It isn't easy living up to everyone you see
But being human we're so stupid we won't let it be
The pressure rises as we struggle here on our own
To the point when you're only happy when you're all alone


When it's all you sold to me
What it was and what I used to be
On the days when it rained
So ashamed at how we'd be
TV watching's got me switching stations
And chasing dreams
To evolve we must elevate

Read... now tell me
So who would want to live for ever
So who would want to live for days
Space and entity collide
To move on we must first understand
What we do and why we do it

What it was all you sold to me
What it was and what I used to see
On the days when it rained
So ashamed at how we'd be
TV watching's got me switching stations
And chasing dreams
I will never be

See all that's been happening
Read all that's been reasoning


Reason is over now
Credence has been lost
Frozen, my time is now
Broken is my soul

Even though, I can't seem to stay away
So much more has to be seen and will go my way
You've taken all I wanted
You've taken all I needed
Drown my fear and anxiety
Never hear what you say to me

Bleeding my wound won't close
Ending and yet so close
Tears left dripping at all costs
Fists clenched tight, ready for war

When we fight we must prevail
All hail – all hail to me


When you left, my heart came along
Nothing mattered I couldn't stay strong
You were a part of me for so long
What you left behind were memories, memories

And I never got to say goodbye
You'll always be a part of me
I still miss you to this day

I always took it all for granted
Never thought it would end this way
As I look back, I clearly remember that day

Every day
I wish you hadn't gone away
My heart is empty without you
I still miss you to this day

When the lights dim for me, you'll be there too
What was meant for you was meant for me too
All this loneliness I hold up inside
Will be memories, memories


Disarray, tearing me, what's left to say?
See me break into misery, nowhere left to stay
Can I say, you don't care for me – it's even anyway
Self enraged, you're blaming me. You'll blame yourself one day

You're enraged, keep it in its cage
I don't wanna hear this
I don't need to see this
Self enraged, I'm your source of blame
I don't wanna hear this
I don't need to see this

Generate, all your in hate me – it's your only way
Can you hate for your jealousy – can you get away?
Is it safe? You threaten me – put your rage away
Look away; don't talk to me, just keep away

This feeling of pain
An act of reign
Wont leave my mind
Wont keep me broken
Showered in shame
Who should I blame
For the dreams they've shattered
For the lives they've stolen
My body's thin
Telling me don't give in
This one will do you best
This one will keep you rolling
Seems I can't win
Where should I begin?
I can search for something
To wash away my sin

Leave it all behind
I walked away
Never cried my eyes out
I severed and I simply chose to stray
I closed my eyes
And to bar these lies out
I hid in a hole and buried them away

In Your Face

As I demonstrate what I can do
Kicking it out on stage, you know I do it all for you
Metaphors: I'm out here holding this microphone
Spitting out the lyrics – you know, whenever I feel alone
What can I do when I think of my head
As a box filled with thoughts and emotions better left unsaid?
And you know, when it's old and dead
I'll be crowned the new champion, and you, bathed in red

Because of me and my ways
You've left me so long, friend
'Cause of me and all I say
You've left me till the end

Should I call up again, or hang up in your face?
Apologize for what I did?
Will you blame me? Just don't blame me
Well, you blame me the same

Full of holes: you say I'll never let you stay
You crawl away, coming back, begging for sympathy
Better beware: I'll be coming back with a vengeance
Stepping on hands till they remember it
Nobody knows how to rock a harmony
Bring out a melody, kick up the beat, you see
Like I, bringing it down, breaking it down
Breaking the walls and beating everyone around

Lost my Pride

If only I hadn't kept it inside
If only you'd hear me plead
If only I could bring myself to tell
If only I could understand my side

But now, it all washed away
What you felt no longer an emotion
When we had been left behind
If only we'd speak out mind

When you move too slow it comes back to haunt you
To haunt you, takes over all you see in your eyes
And when you look back it seems so faded
So faded awake will I have lost my pride

Breaking Down

There's a time we need to let go
When everything that held you tight
And everything you thought was right is lost
Will it wreck me?
Will I let it infect me?
Will I walk around like nothing's wrong
Continue writing every song about this?

Now it's easier than said to run
Underexposure's the key to having fun
Yeah, right

Why am I breaking down?
Now I've found that my frown's become my best friend
It's the same old sound
And my broken heart's my right hand man
Back down
Just let it be
Look around
Just don't take to heart the things you see

There's a hand we need to let fold
There's a time we need to right the truth
While sitting back you watch the youth slip away
It's a shame we need to be told
Our passion's grown old
When did everybody get so cold?

To You

It's been some time since I haven't felt lonely
What I do, I do to help me make it through
Emotions barred by myself seem to haunt me
Stomach thin, the blood is cold beneath my skin
Now I've found someone here that I'd bleed for
That I'd work for, that I'd hurt for
Now I've found someone here that I'd breathe for
Till my lungs collapse

If you're wheezing I'd give my air to you
If you're bleeding I'd remove my skin and drape it over you
If you're freezing I'd give you every thread off my back
If you're needing I'll give you what you need

I've got your back

It's been some time since I let someone know me
Let them in, and let them know me deep within
Heart perspires, grief is grown from my own seed
Far from sin, I did my best to keep it in
Now I've found someone here that I'd yearn for
That I'd earn for, that I'd learn for
Now I know who I'd carry the world for
Till it breaks my back

And I am stepping up to my fears
And I don't wanna be left too weak and shattered
And I don't want this to end in tears
And I don't wanna be left here on my own


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