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The official guitar tabs found here are available in two formats: PDF and Power Tab. PDF can be viewed in your browser if you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. If not, click here to download it free. The Power Tab format is better in many ways — if you have Power Tab installed (get it from their website) you can have the tab play back to you while you watch the notes. Both formats allow printing. Click in the appropriate column to download your chosen format.

Note for Power Tab users: when playing back slides, you sometimes hear a very strange glissando effect. To avoid this, and make playback sound a lot better, it can be switched off. From the MIDI menu at the top of the Power Tab screen, choose Setup. Click the Playback Settings tab and uncheck "Use Pitch Wheel for Shift/Legato Sliding".

SongPower TabPDF fileLast corrected
At the Seams download view 5 Jan 2005
Broke and Crossed download view 17 Mar 2005
Clear Me download view 30 May 2005
The Day I Understood download view 22 Jun 2003
Egzit download view 5 Jan 2005
Falling Behind download view 10 Oct 2003
I Could Fall download view 20 Oct 2003
Reckless download view 4 Nov 2003
Release (acoustic demo) download view 28 Apr 2005
Shaded download view 22 Jun 2003
Sink download view 22 Jun 2003
Step Up download view 30 May 2005
To You download view 28 Jun 2005
Watch it Die download view 7 Mar 2005

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