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Turn to Black Posted on 18 August 2022 by Bart

There's a new release. Two tracks: Turn to Black and Back to You. The songs are streamable on Spotify, and streamable and downloadable for a few bucks at Bandcamp. Hope you like them!

Better Days, and Spotify Posted on 30 January 2022 by Bart

The Livid has had some tracks on Spotify for a little while now, in case you didn't notice! You can stream most of the catalogue there.

And there are two new tracks, both there on Spotify and for stream or purchase on Bandcamp: Better Days and What I Need.

Two more tracks are in production and you'll hopefully get to hear them soon!

Store moved to Bandcamp Posted on 9 February 2019 by Bart

Paypal went and removed some legacy APIs the store relied on, and it's more work than it's worth to fix, so we've moved the store over to Bandcamp. Just downloads for now, and could add what physical merch remains at some point if there's any demand for it. So now's your chance to pick up fresh FLACs of everything. Fear of Fading and the Ambition Within have some very-slightly-remastered artwork, too.

New EP: Cigar Box Melody EP Posted on 4 October 2016 by Bart

We have a new EP!

Cigar Box Melody EP has been released with three new songs.

This EP features Chris on guitars and some backing vocals, Jeremy on lead vocals, Adam on drums, and Shane Told on bass.

It's available from the website for $6 CAD.


New EP: More Than a Lifetime Posted on 22 September 2009 by Bart

The Livid have just released a new EP! It's called More Than a Lifetime and has four brand new songs.

The lineup for this release is a mixture of new and old: Chris on guitars of course, Adam and Rob on drums and bass and the original singer, Jeremy, on vocals.

The EP is available for download from the website for $8 CAD. Go get it. All the money will go towards hitting the studio again in the future.

We're hoping to get it up on Itunes and similar at some point but we're not sure how long this will take.

The band aren't going to be touring but they are looking to play a show or two in the near future -- it'll be announced on the site when plans have been made and I may send out another email at that point.

I've also re-enabled registration on the forum in case anyone new wants to come along and talk about the record. If you're an old member and have forgotten your password (I did) shoot me an email at bart at and I'll reset it for you. Your username (even a rough idea) would help, or the email address you registered with.

Hope you enjoy the record!

Thanks for dropping by! Posted on 24 October 2006 by Adam

We here at would like to extend our appreciation for all who checks out the music and our spot in cyberspace. Even though we are not active as a band these days, we are all still good friends and always love when people come by the site. Dont forget to check out our myspace page as well, and feel free to introduce yourself.
We would love to hear from you! 

NEW SONGS AVAILABLE!! Posted on 26 April 2006 by Chris

Hey everyone!! The new songs are finally here and available for purchase download. Visit the download store to get your hands on them!! Enjoy.

TRACKING IS DONE!! Posted on 19 April 2006 by Chris

Hey kids!!  I just wanted to let you know that all the tracks for the new songs are done.   They should be mixed and mastered in a couple of weeks.  Stay tuned. 


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