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VOCALS ARE DONE!!! Posted on 17 April 2006 by Chris

Hey everyone. Just wanted to give you all an update with regards to the recording process. Drums, bass, guitars and lead vocals are done!! All that's left to do are a couple harmonies which i'm going in to lay down tomorrow night. Should be mixed and mastered in about a week or so. Stay tuned.


Download store online Posted on 11 April 2006 by Bart

Hey everybody. There's a new page in the online store - The Livid's albums can now be downloaded in MP3 or Ogg Vorbis format for $10 CAD each. The money is going towards the studio bill for the recording of the new songs. Get downloading - you can get to the download store by following this link or the link at the top of the store page.

Recording Time! Posted on 13 March 2006 by Adam

This Sunday, March 19th, I will begin laying the drum tracks down for the new songs we are recording! I'm pretty stoked about it. It's been a while I pummeled out some loud rock drums in the studio for The Livid. Stay tuned guys, and come Monday, I can finally be on your side of the fence and start sending emails saying "When's the new shit gonna be done?!?!?!?" Haha... Good times will be had by all...

On another note, Season 6 of The Sopranos started last night (March 12th). I have to say, being a long time fan of the show, this season looks like it's going to be Kick Ass!!! Tony has already been shot and a close friend of his has already commited suicide!!! Johnny Sak is in jail... what will happen.... :)


peace all!

Motley Crue Rules!!! :)

New live track available for stream! Posted on 3 July 2005 by Adam

For a limited time only, I have posted our new track called Sick Cycle for stream at our Myspace page. You will find a link in the 'links' section. Check it out and let us know what you think in the forums. Rocknroll!

Step Up tab Posted on 1 June 2005 by Bart

Written a guitar tab for Step Up too. Go check it out.

Clear Me guitar tab Posted on 28 May 2005 by Bart

Just spent the last couple of hours transcribing Clear Me. Head over to the extras page and enjoy.

Come hear some new songs Posted on 16 May 2005 by Justin

Hey everyone,

Make sure to get out to the Club 279 show on June 3rd as we have some new songs for you to hear.  We can't wait to play them live for the first won't want to miss all the fun!


Guitar tabs Posted on 17 March 2005 by Bart

There are some guitar tabs on the extras page. Some which used to be on the old site and some which are new. Broke and Crossed is the latest addition.

March Shows Posted on 1 March 2005 by Adam

Hey everyone! Make sure you check out the Shows section for this month. We have a bunch and we would love you all to come out! Especially March 11th at Club 279 as we will be playing some new songs and an extended setlist. This particular show is not to be missed! Trust us!

One more thing, our good friend Bart Nagel has outdone himself again and created a new website for 64dollar Productions, the masterminds who brought you all of our videos. Head over to the links section to check it out!

Peace all!

New live photos Posted on 22 December 2004 by Bart

There are some new live photos on the photos page, taken at The Livid's shows on Nov 26 and Dec 16 by Maclupus.

NEW MERCH!!! Posted on 24 November 2004 by Chris

Hey everyone!! Check out our new shirts in the online store. These shirts were designed by Bart Nagel himself!! Feel free to drop him a line to tell him how awesome they look. Rock on!!!

Fear of Fading stock Posted on 16 November 2004 by Bart

Due to the Christmas rush, Fear of Fading is taking a little longer to be pressed than expected. The company now says it will be ready in the next week or so, and definitely before the end of November. Thanks for being patient.

New songs Posted on 11 November 2004 by Chris

We've got some new songs and are gonna start playing them live. If you're gonna make bootlegs please keep them to yourself or at least off the site. Thanks. Also a bunch of new shows have been added to the shows page - go check them out.

Forum registration problems Posted on 30 October 2004 by Bart

Had problems registering for the forums? Try again now.

Test Run video! Posted on 13 October 2004 by Bart

The Test Run video is now up - head over to the music/video page to check it out! Let the band know what you think by voting on the poll. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving Posted on 10 October 2004 by Rob

Hey everybody. All of us from The Livid would like to wish you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

The new site is ready to rock!!! Posted on 30 September 2004 by Justin

We want to welcome everyone to the new site... it's ready to rock and roll. Enjoy it!! Thanks to Bart for all the hard work he put in to getting this awesome site together for all of us. Now all our fans are able to get our new album "The Ambition Within" through our online store. Whether you live across the Atlantic, in the land down under or just south of the border, we are looking forward to getting our new music in your hands, then your CD player and then into your ears. Keep on rockin' in the free world!!

Take it easy,


New Site Design Posted on 30 September 2004 by Rob

Hey everyone check out the new site!

Bart has done an awesome job on the site. Check out the new Livid store, where you can get all the Livid swag from CDs to buttons!

All new picture page, lots of killer shots of the Livid, in group and single shots!

We've got the lyrics page up, so you can check those in your face lyrics!

And thanks to everyone who made it to the cd release party! It was a blast!

Show at The 2nd Floor Lounge Posted on 21 September 2004 by Chris

For all you kids who are 19 and over we're playing at The 2nd Floor Lounge in Mississauga on Friday night with the Pettit Project. Please be advised that we will NOT be selling copies of the new record. You must come to Saturday's show to purchase it. Rock and Roll!!!

The Ambition Within release show Posted on 9 September 2004 by Chris

Make sure you guys head out to the Masonic Lodge in Streetsville on September 25th as The Livid will be performing every track from their new album "The Ambition Within" from front to back! Head over to the shows section for details.

"Test Run" Video shoot Posted on 16 August 2004 by Chris

Hey everybody. Hope you're all having a great summer. Just writing to invite you all out to an upcoming show. The Livid will be playing at Club 279 (Yonge/Dundas above the Hard Rock) on Friday August 20th @ 11pm. More importantly, we'll be shooting a video for our new song "Test Run" during our set. We need as many people as possible to be there while we're shooting so please do your best to come out. $5 at the door, 19 . Hope to see you all there.

Also, Justin is finished in the studio! All that remains is mixing and mastering.


IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL MERCH BUYERS! Posted on 5 August 2004 by Chris


Justin in the studio Posted on 4 August 2004 by Chris

Justin started vocals today. The new record will be done soon!!!

Recording progress, KOTC Posted on 20 July 2004 by Chris

Hey everyone!!! Just wanted to give you all a little update on what's going on. The heavy guitars have been recorded (clean guitars still to come). The record will be ready by late August or early September.

Also, we apologize to anyone who has ordered King of the Castle and has not received their copy yet. We're in the midst of designing a new cover and getting them pressed.

That's about it guys. Rock and roll!!

Robbie recording Posted on 3 July 2004 by Chris

Robbie was in the studio on Thursday bustin down the bass rythyms for the new tunes. We are getting closer and closer to completing the album. Almost time for guitars! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned kids!!

Drums are down Posted on 16 June 2004 by Adam

Hey everyone! Adam here! Just want to tell you guys that I spent this past weekend in the recording studio and completed the drum tracks for the new songs The Tide, Test Run, At The Seams, Part Of You and In Circles. We should be recording the bass guitar within another week. Then it's Skembry and The Juice the week after. We are all really excited to get these new songs out to you! Keep checking back for the play by play.



Update Posted on 1 June 2004 by Chris

Hey gang!!! It's been a while since we've had any news so we thought we'd bring you up to speed on what's new in Livid-land. Pre-production for the new record is scheduled to commence within the next week. All the songs have been written and we should be in the studio recording them by mid-June. The new album will be entitled "The Ambition Within" and will have 10 songs on it. We're hoping to have the album ready to sell for some time in August of this year. We'll keep you all posted.

On another note, we hope all the kids are gonna be coming to the show at Club Rockit in June cuz it'll be the first chance for most of you to see The Livid at real venue that sounds a lot better than the Masonic Lodge. It's a Friday night, it's in Toronto and it's all ages!!! Tickets are $8 and we only have 21

left so e-mail ASAP if you need any. See you soon!!


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